Sunday, August 7, 2011

Welcome to De' Veil

Hijab not only refers to the traditional head-covering, but the prevailing aspect of dressing in a way that adheres to the Qu'ran and words of Allah (swt), where a woman covers herself in a respectable manner. It's so simple yet so profound, the fact that a woman is so treasured, akin to a precious jewel, that her beauty need not be leered at or made into spectacle for anyone and everyone to see.

As fashion conscious followers, both Lixa and I absolutely adore clothes that are unconventionally chic, boho and modern. However, we still want to be a good Muslim but still be au courant. So, alhamdulilah, we came up with this little online FB store to showcase our sense of individualistic fashion style. We hope all of you will also embrace the sense of style that we love.

It's also become an adventure in itself for us- as it takes some creativity in coming up with various ways to look trendy no matter what limitations - covered or sizes. As per the wise words of Yves Saint Laurent - if you have the sense of style, everything works right! For us, you can be a fashion whore as long as the concept of wearing hijab remains rightly mannered.

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